Ahoy, ye Nutless Wonders!

Step aboard the West Wind as we venture ‘cross mountains of water and set fear ‘round the waters of the world! We, the pirates of the West Wind, strike fear into the hearts of your strongest warriors. Whe’er it our strength and might or our bad breathe, we challenge the lot of ye’ to wits and swords.

Ye olde Cap’ns of the West Wind are few. We go not by our real names but the names of anonymous standin’s, ergo we stand as part of the ship. Part of the crew. There’s Smalls, Polly, Plank, Blinkin, Smee an’ Dodger. Smalls be the First Mate. Polly, the Helmswoman. Blinkin, the Lookout, And the rest’o these scurvy cats be somewheres about ont he ship at times. With the Cap’n leadin’ down to our deaths, we live for the adventure!

So if ye dare, come aboard! If not…watch yer back!

The West Wind

Flying dutchman MetalMike24