The unique thing about this campiagn is that there is no set Game or Dungeon Master. We all take turns Dungeon Mastering. For example, Dodger just did a dungeon that took more than two sessions to finish. I, Polly, took only one session to do a dungeon crawl. It’s a fair set of guidelines to follow when Dungeon Mastering and we stick to them.

We decided to let the creator of the adventure finish his adventure, and then the next person goes. We set it up so that the people with most experience with DM’ing go first and so on and so forth.

The system for setting it up on Obsidian Portal did not allow us to do this, so it was upon me to be GM here. Do not take this as a stab on the others, I’m just more used to taking notes is all. We all voted on this and I was the unlucky Pirate to take literacy as a feat, haha.

So, that is the gameplan.

For My character, Please see Polly


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