Patricia Adrian

The Druid of the Murky Swamp, Sailor of the Several Seas and Pirate to the West Wind

  • XP: 87,065
  • HP: 117
  • AC: 30 / 31 (Dodge) / 34 (Mobility) /
  • TOUCH AC: 21
  • STR: 13
  • DEX: 18
  • CON: 13
  • INT: 17
  • WIS: 17
  • CHA: 13
  • REFLEX: 8
  • WILL: 11
  • B.A.B: 9/4
  • GRAPPLE: 10
  • BALANCE: 2
  • BLUFF: 9
  • CLIMB: 7
  • FORGERY: 3
  • HEAL: 7
  • HIDE: 4
  • JUMP: 1
  • LISTEN: 12
  • RIDE: 6
  • SEARCH: 3
  • SPOT: 15
  • SURVIVAL: 12
  • SWIM: 7
  • USE ROPE: 11
  • GOLD: 21,887
  • SILVER: 9
  • COPPER: 5
ALL 13 0 6 N/A
ALL 14 1st 5 1
ALL 15 2nd 5 1
ALL 16 3rd 4 1
ALL 17 4th 4
ALL 18 5th 3
ALL 19 6th 2
ALL 20 7th 1

The Tale of Patricia Adams is best met with a certain amount of caution. Albeit, she is a pirate by trade. this we know. However much of her past and her mother’s has made her the person who she is today. The introduction to her life does not start with her birth, but more with the birth of her mother.

Born in the late summer, Anita Adams, better known to many as “Alcoholic Annie” in her later years, was embraced by a wealthy family of Palthriss. Being the first born in the household made her prime real estate for when she would become betrothed. In all likelihood, she had the possibility to further her education, quite possibily to the point of becoming a politician, which was unheard of in her city. However, for whatever reasons, she abandoned her home and headed east, towards the murky swamps and forests of Eldritch. Her experience in traveling from place to place made it easy for her to gain friends, eventually causing her to be very popular with many a person. Her tricks and trades of being an experienced saleswoman made it easy for her to acquire jobs, payment and a devastating liver. Hence her nickname.

Fourteen weeks before her 31st birthday, she met a man whose has to this been unknown. So, for argument, we shall call him what she eventually claimed him as to her daughter: Lucifus. He was a suave, cunning gentleman with the heart of a jackal. Her innocence in love led her to being enthralled with him. One night, it is said that Lucifus had his way with her. The next morning he ended up hung in the town’s market square, with his unmentionables as earrings and his ears as his unmentionables. Yes, I said that right: Earrings, without ears.

Anita, in her haste, ran away into the swamps to hide for an inordinate amount of time. Some say years, others say weeks. The time is not important. What was important was in that time she birthed a daughter with the aid of a Trumpet Archon. The being appeared before her, calming her nerves and sought help in the form of a Blink Dog. The blink dog teleported her to a safe spot within the forest, near a village of halflings, and it was there that she safely delivered her beautiful girl, Patricia.

In the years they spent in the forest, Anita raised Patricia to fend for herself. She never knew when she would be on her own, especially with just her mother to help her. The lived mostly alone traveling between the swamp and the forest for food and shelter. When she turned 12, she was sent to Olivia, the Druid of the Swamp, for training. Anita thought it best to give her a useful skill other than selling useless stuff to useless people. After much deliberation, Olivia said yes, and for a whole year, she went back and forth from Olivia’s hut to her mother’s home until she was ready.

A year later, there was a savage rage over the forest and swamp that lasted a whole 3 weeks of Barbarian Lizardfolk. Their rage was unanticipated and, without warning, they began to ravage and ransack villages and huts throughout the outlying areas. Anita was killed during this rage. The rage stopped after Anita’s death. She was the last to die during it, along with 140 other humanoids. It is, to this day, known as “Anita’s Rage”.

Patricia was from then on under the complete instruction of Olivia. After 4 long and grueling years, she was allowed to go off on her own, and find her home all over again. It was in her journey that she came across a Giant Crocodile outnumbered by many alligators in the furthest reaches of the swamp. She used her arrows to give the beast the advantage to win, which ultimately succeeded. She decided to aid the mongrel-looking creature back to full health, only to have it attack her. Once she subdued the crocodile, she aided it back to health again. It took the creature 8 more times to realize that the human was only trying to help. Given the intelligence of a crocodile of that size, we should expect nothing less. She decided to call him “Nibbler” given his afixation to nibbling his food. Soon after, she decided to build a hut of her own and fine peace in her newly found home…for 2 years.

She set out once again to find a home of her own. This time, she thought the sea was a good idea to try out. Not being a sailor by trade, she decided to enlist in royal navy for training, concealing herself as a boy. During her travels on the seas she found many things wrong with the royal navy. Preferencial treatments, unfair punishments and poor wages led her to creating an uprising on the ship she served. She used the ship to smuggle pirate materials of other ships to and from distance areas. Along the way she learned interesting languages, conversed with obtuse creatures and learned to find a home on the seas. A true home. One she could live on forever.

After a few years she docked back at home with enough money to equip herself with a warship of her own. Lying to the navy once again about her intentions of supplying and fighting pirates for the royal navy, she was granted a crew of 100 men: only 6 she trusted. As she set sail, she made the decision to dock at the nearest island, Dragoon Isle, to find Kobolds for her ship. She slit the throats of the 94 innocent men and replaced them with blind Kobolds, so as not to implicate herself with witnesses to her dirty deeds. She later repainted the ship and named it “The Eternal Sea Claw”. It sounded much better than “Our Dear Grace III”.

One evening, she came across a broken down ship in a narrow starightaway off the shore of some gods-forsaken ridge. The boat, torn in half by a Kraken, was washed up between spires of rocks. As Patricia’s ship came to dock the heap of wood, she found an interesting treasure…being carried by another crew, of another ship. Before blood was spilled, she was introduced to Captain Rogers of The West Wind, a stinky man if she ever thought so, yet handsome. The Captain admired the brains of an operation powered by blind kobolds and gave a proposition for Patricia to join his crew. If she refused, she would be released only to be shot down and sunk to Davy Jones. She accepted whole heartedly, only to meet disdain with her not-yet-paid-and-already-pissed crew. Safe to say, they 6 were paid, and the kobolds were done away with. The Eternal Sea Claw is safely secured in her home port, hidden from the navy to this day.

As Patricia was introduced around, she met a strange looking fellow, or beast, called Smalls. She wasn’t allowed to know his actual name, so she carried on. Captain Rogers soon introduced the crowd to “Polly”, her now well-known nickname amongst pirates and authorities. Her accompaniment was met with fear as some men on the ship had never seen a crocodile quite so large before. But, for accomadations, a secret hatch was created for Nibbler to come and go from the ship.

Patricia’s life has had many ups and downs, but she has finally found a home for herself…

Patricia Adrian

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