Base Info: * Name: Smalls * Class: Half-Dragon Paragon / Fighter / Warrior of Darkness * Level: 3 / 2 / 6 13 * Race: Half-Dragon Dwarf * Alignment: Neutral Evil * God: none * Size: Medium * Age: 28 * Gender: Male * Height: 6’3” * Weight: 290 * Eyes: black * Hair: none * Skin: white

Abilities: * Strength: 35 12 * Dexterity: 19 4 * Constitution: 24 7 * Intelligence: 15 1 * Wisdom: 12 1 * Charisma: 14 2

Other Stats: * HP: 196 * Speed: 30 / 60 * Damage Reduction: 5 * Initiative: 4

Saves: * Fortitude 18 * Reflex 7 * Will 12

Attack: * Fatal Lulluby: hits;24/19/14 deals;3d6,1d8+19 crit;17-20 slashing * Bite: hits;23 deals;1d8+12 crit;x2 * Claw: hits;23/18 deals;1d8+12 crit;x2 * Pipe Wrench: hits; 23/18/13 deals;1d8+12 crit;x2 bludgeon * Shovel: hits;24/19/14deals;2d8+18 crit;19-20×3 bludgeon, can cast true resurrection, as the spell, once per day

Defense: * Armor: tesselated armor * Shield: tower shield * Armor Class: 40

Carrying: * Light Load: 2130 * Medium Load: 4264 * Heavy Load: 6400 * Lift Over Head: 64000 * Lift Off Ground:12800 * Push or Drag: 32000

Possessions: * cloak of weapontry * bag of holding * belt of giant strength +6 * ring of sustenance * bottle of air * shovel of life and death * pipe wrench * bracers of health +2 * mw black pearl earing * mw black pearl earing * scroll of gateway, caster 17 * amulet of natural armor +3 * sharkskin pants of speed * sharkeye goggles of search and spot * 9 explosive ruins * “This is a Strange Book” Vol 1-4

Feats: * improved speed * power attack * cleave * great cleave * iron will * spirit sense * improved critical (greatsword) * blind fight

Special Abilities: * cold immunity * dark vision * low light vision * immunity to sleep * immunity to paralysis * dwarf speed * enscorched flesh * darkling weapon * scared flesh * inner hellpower

Languages: * common * dwarf * draconic * infernal * abyssal

skills: * bluff 5 * climb 12 * concentration 7 * craft alchemy 4 * craft bacon 7 * diplomacy 15 * handle animal 2 * hide 7 * intimidate 7 * jump 12 * knowladege arcana 4 * listen 8 * move silently 6 * profession salior 11 * ride 4 * search 13 * sense motive 8 * spot 12 * swim 12


Real Name: Mpendng Slawter


Half dragons always have an air of mystery, wonder and power about them. The first two are in regards to their creation, regarding why a dragon would lay with any other species. The air of power is because of the dragon heritage, and its direction may differ from one individual to another, but all half dragons are powerful.

The mystery and wonder around the origins of an individual half dragon intensify when the non dragon parent is of a race such as dwarf, a race that hates dragons just as much as dragons hate them. And any situation where the dragon is the mother is sure to raise a few eyebrows and peak a few interests. That tale, however, is not the focus here; this story does not cover how the female dragon met the male dwarf but rather what happened in the life of that half-breed.

For the full story, however, we must start shortly before the birth of the half dragon, and we must start with a human who went by the name of Mulow. Mulow had dreams of world conquest, a very small army of followers, and a half baked idea on how to take the world. His plan relied on people’s fear of dragons, and himself being in control of these dragons. Mulow knew that dragons would not willingly help, not without severe compensation, but he reasoned that if he raised the dragons they would be loyal.

This line of thought led to one of the dumbest acts in history, Mulow and his men stole dozens of eggs form white and black dragons. He lost over nearly half his men in the endeavor and several of the eggs as well. When the act was done Mulow had 21 eggs and about a quarter of his original following. The eggs hatched in small groups over the course of the next few weeks, all the while Mulow was recruiting new followers. With each batch of hatchings the dragons proved extremely hostile and in the course of trying the restrain and tame them they were all terminated.

This was true up until the last bunch of eggs where all the hatchlings were killed, but one egg remained unhatched. It was wobbling but not breaking. Mulow supplied aid through the use of a metal bludgeon to the shell which cracked open after a few hits and a small white dragon fell out. It was obvious at first glance that this dragon was different from the others, in both look, and mannerisms. Though the hatchling was wild, it was not nearly as out of control as the others. Mulow and his men quickly realized that this was a half dragon, and managed to tame the beast. Mulow named the creature Mpendng Slawter and quickly established a father son relationship with the newborn. Mpendng, or Mpen as Mulow’s followers called him, was raised by the group and trained by all its members in every way of combat they knew.

In addition to combat the members also taught Mpen the different languages associated with darkness, and thus Mpen learned Abyssal and Infernal. Mpen was taught the ways of the Warrior of Darkness and spent months studying to join its ranks. A strict and rigorous training and combat practice molded Mpen into the best he could be, an exemplar for his kind, which he most likely is the only example of anyway.

As he grew Mpen was bestowed with gifts that, as he was told, “are fitting of his future position.” After several years where Mulow’s focus was raising Mpen and increasing his ranks he felt his numbers were high enough to make another attempt. The experience with the dragons taught Mulow that he should rethink his strategy, and the resulting idea was not much better than the initial.

Mulow simply changed the target creature in his egg steeling beast raising idea, going from dragons, to kythons. Exactly why he thought kythons would work better than dragons is unknown, however the end result was the same. Mulow’s men infiltrated one kython nest and made out with several eggs, most of the men who went died, reducing Mulow’s total force size to less than half. Further problems arose when nearly all the eggs hatched to be a form of kython weaponry, the few that were broodlings attacked the people around them mercilessly.

Mpen watched the scene with slight interest, noticing that whenever one of the men would say anything, most always a curse, in either infernal or abyssal the broodlings in hearing range would make some kind of reaction. Intrigued Mpen cornered one kython and began speaking in abyssal and after watching it react he switched to infernal. Mpen was, of course, armed while doing this and had to focus on keeping the kython from hurting him while trying not to hurt it.

After several hours of this where Mpen eventually started mixing abyssal and infernal, he managed to get through to the kython. By this time all the other broodlings were dead as well as quite a few men. Mpen transported the kython to a small room it could not escape from and after several weeks of work established a bond with the creature, which he now named Cruncher. Mulow seemed to be the only one not angered by Cruncher’s continuing survival and had made several attempts to get it to accept him as it had accepted Mpen, not of which worked.

It was shortly after this, at the age of 18 that Mpen realized he was not being raised for what he thought he was. The focus of all his studies and work had been to get stronger, more powerful, and able to strategize and form battle plans while in battle, on the field. This was compounded by the gifts he had received over the years for good work and successful masterings, the gifts that “are fitting of his future position,” were all combat orientated; better weapons, stronger armor, magical items to make him stronger, and even items to conceal his weaponry. All this led to the realization that Mpen wasn’t being raised to succeed Mulow, but to lead his attack on the world.

This did not sit well with Mpen so he confronted Mulow about it. Mulow confirmed Mpen’s thoughts and so with the help of Cruncher and wielding the metal bludgeon that Mulow had broken Mpen’s shell with, and that Mpen had held Cruncher off as he befriended it, Mpen killed Mulow. The two were then forced to make a hasty retreat; which Mpen had been planning for by having what he would need already on his person. With Mulow dead Mpen grabbed Cruncher from the bloody mess of bones, Mpen allowed Cruncher to gorge itself on the body, grabbed Mulow’s greatsword and left the area.

Mpen spent the next year and a half wondering around the area looking for something, anything to do, his life lacking purpose now. Mpen also quickly learned that kythons, even as broodlings are not welcome in cities. Mpen was forced to either leave Cruncher outside of the city, or conceal it in his bag of holding as he passed through. Mpen opted for the latter in most places, knowing he wouldn’t be staying long. When this was not the case Cruncher was left outside the city and Mpen regularly checked up on his companion.

At the age of 19, a year and a half after killing Mulow Mpen found himself in a rather large port city. Within the city Mpen quickly learned of an arena tournament held annually within the city. After gathering info on the tournament Mpen learned that the next was in a months and there were three categories, singles, doubles and triples. Mpen stayed in the city for the next month, doing odd jobs and the occasional theft to get the entrance fee and pay his nights at the in. He would kill the occasional person, not to many so that the missing wouldn’t add up, steel their gold and anything of wealth and feed the body to Cruncher. He only had to do this three times before the tournament started, and didn’t do it again during the competition.

Mpen was only entered in the solo competitions but still watched the other with interest. He had eight fights before he reached the finals, notable challengers were a human duel wielding glowing blades, a half-orc with a giant scythe and a thri-kreen with a short sword in each of its three remaining hands. After his own fights and as he waited until the last day when all three final rounds would be fought Mpen watched the other competitions.

The finalists for the doubles were two dwarves, one with a great axe and the other with a great hammer against an elf with four bows, all able to fire under their own power paired with a human with a double axe. The finalists for the triples were a Halfling with a rapier, a full orc with a fullblade and a half-orc with a bastard sword against three humans, one with duel swords, one with a war axe and the third with a longsword. While watching the other fights Mpen learned that his opponent for the finals was a human paladin who vowed to decapitate Mpen in their fight to which Mpen wished him good luck.

The two dwarves won the doubles while the three humans won the triples. In his own fight, however, Mpen found considerable difficulty in defeating his opponent and indeed barely managed the victory. The winning prize for both the doubles and triples was gold while Mpen won a magnificently crafted greatsword whose blade was made of a blood red crystal.

While gathering his things to leave the winners of the triples approached Mpen, the one standing in the center of the three seemed to be the leader and when he introduced himself as Captain Rodgers and the other two as members of his crew this was proven true.

Rodgers said he was intrigued by Mpen’s fighting abilities and questioned where he was off to. When Mpen said he had nowhere to go and was simply wandering looking for someplace to go Rodgers said he could use an extra pair of hands on his ship. Mpen agreed but said he had never sailed before and might simply leave the ship at the next port a term Rodgers agreed to. Rodgers, as well as the entire crew, were less welcome to the addition of Cruncher to the ship, and Mpen was forced to lock it in a small room while he trained it to not attack members of the crew. When Mpen first boarded the ship Rodgers introduced him to the ranking members of the crew, and supplied Mpen’s name as being Smalls. When Mpen questioned it Rodgers said that on his ship Mpen’s name was Smalls a reason Mpen neither liked nor accepted, but he received no other.

The time between leaving the arena city until the next port was not an enjoyable time for Smalls, he was still getting used to being called Smalls and most of his time was spent training Cruncher. He elected to remain on board for at least one more go around, mainly because he had only recently gotten Cruncher to be let out of its room without attacking the crew. Now his time on board was spent doing the normal routines of a sailor, as well as a pirate. Although Smalls wasn’t overjoyed with the tasks of sailing, he could easily deal with them, especially when they came hand in hand with the benefits of pirating.

At the next port, and every one after Smalls stayed with Rodgers and his crew, over the years becoming a ranked member of the crew and eventually Rodgers’ first mate. Cruncher also went through a change while on the ship growing from a broodling into a juvenile. While in the service of Captain Rodgers and during a raid of a village Smalls was hit with a curse, one that took him months to get used to and that has not faded under its own power nor any others. Smalls no longer looks for a way to get rid of it, having gotten used to his ability to see and converse with the recently dead.

As of date, Smalls has been on Captain Rodgers’ crew for eight and a half years, raiding countless villages and ships, exploring a few caves for treasure and acquiring quite a few enemies as a pirate. At the age of 28 Smalls is on the brink of a new chapter in his life, and he is completely unaware of it…


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